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Screen PlateRite Micra CTP for Heidelberg GTO and Speedmaster 52 with 2 Punches certified for Heidelberg processless Saphira Plates

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Short description Screen PlateRite Micra CTP for Heidelberg GTO and Speedmaster 52 with 2 Punches certified for Heidelberg processless Saphira Plates
Price (in €) on request

Manufacturer Dainippon Screen
Model ---
Year of manufacture 2005
Warranty until ---

Long description Dainippon Screen PlateRite PF R3051Vi

In a bundle with a Glunz&Jensen MP68 developing machine, autoloader, Screen TrueFlow 3 RIP and a HP Proofprinter

Im Bundle mit Glunz&Jensen MP68 Entwicklungsmaschine, Autoloader, Screen TrueFlow 3 RIP und HP Proofprinter.

The PlateRite and the developer are equipped to use the Heidelberg Saphira Poly V15 Violet polymer plates. The developer has a preheat.

Supports the 2UP format and bacher 393 punch for a GTO or the Bacher 425 for a Speedmaster 52. Both punches are already equipped.

The device has a 60mW laser.

Exposure technology
Construction method: flat bed
Source of light: Violet laser diode, 60 mW
max. resolution: 2,400 dpi
sheet efficiency: 23 sheets per hour with 2,400 dpi

Material use
max. sheet format: 516 x 580 mm
min sheet format: 250 x 330 mm
automat. sheet supply: yes
On line sheet development: yes
Inline punch: yes

Base: 148 x 87 cm
Height: 134 cm

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Spare Parts:
As certified matchpart GmbH (Germany) Distributor we provide spare Parts.

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Delivery Service:
At additional cost our Partner Systembau Dortmund GmbH & Co. KG packs and delivers this item if possible at the same day.

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Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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