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Approval XP4

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Short description Approval XP4
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Manufacturer Kodak Graphics (CreoScitex) (Computer to Film/Computer to Plate)
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description Approval XP4

Color Proofing engine

incl. Laminator & Brisque Proofing RIP

The Kodak Approval XP4 digital Raster Proofsystem is with 16 sides per hour one of the quickest and most productive digital Raster Proofsysteme generally.

The possibility to integrate the system adaptably into the digital workflow creates the conditions for the more efficient and quicker production of Proofs in a wide use field. The Kodak Approval XP4 is still the only colour Proofsystem which enables to the operator to tune the density of the single colours exactly to the pressure machine. This individual setting of density and point increase on the relations in the pressure machine makes the production of Raster Proofs possible which agree in every regard with the ready printed product, particularly as the resolution corresponds to a film or sheet exposure of the same specification.

Infrared laser Theromtransferverfahren (colour space CMYK)
Resolution: In 2540 or 2400 dpi
Pressure speed: max. 16 pages / min. A4
Print format: 530 x 676 mm
Role magazine for 150 Proofs
Fully automatic exposure process
To colour thick adjustable
Druckparamete eligible (Winkelung, point form, grid width)
Gradation curves measuring technically determineable and adjustable

Digital Rasterproof Completely digital productions also require digital Proof and controlling expression. We use for this a colour calibrated Rasterproof to spend your data fortdruckgerecht on original paper.

Kodak Approval
means printed in halftone Proofs on original edition paper!
It offers the best quality and Wiederholgenauigkeit and does justice therefore even to the highest claims. The Kodak Approval is exact on the pressure terms of the printing method (offset in mediahaus biering) coordinatedly

You find further information here:

Here the first line of the article fvon Kurt K Wolf. For the entire article you must copy the above link in her browser.

"Finally, of the Raster Digitalproof for special colours is there!

In 2001, Kurt K. Wolf "issue"
With the fully digital production in the Offsetund packaging pressure there originates the wish for a Digitalproof which is able to do not only four process colours, but also the special colours obligingly proofen. Now with the Kodak Approval XP4 such a Proofer is available. Kurt K. Wolf has seen him with the Rudolf Reproflex GmbH in Goslar....."

We also search Kodak Approval XP

KODAK APPROVAL XP Digitally Halftone Proofing system Print e mail
Before the competition even gets close, we move the target. Kodak is continually enhancing the KODAK APPROVAL systems design and expanding its capabilities thus that this time tested system continues to deliver unmatched efficiency, versatility and acceptance.

Thesis enhancements have earned the APPROVAL proofer the prestigious GATF InterTech award, only for hardware and materials, but for software. With the addition of this award winning software and new donor colours, the APPROVAL proofer now enables you to create literally millions of accurate colours, including metallics. Thanks to this one systems range and ease of use, it can acts everything from automobile advertisements to complex packaging proofs.
No wonder the APPROVAL system remains the worlds most widely specified halftone contract digital proof. In the United States, for example, some 80% of the countrys 200 leading printers currently use the KODAK APPROVAL system. APPROVAL system technology generates more than proofs. It generates confidence, with results that are consistent, clean, highly professional and virtually identical to the printed job.

We also search Kodak Approval NX

KODAK APPROVAL NX Digitally Halftone Proofing system Print e mail
The KODAK APPROVAL NX advances the APPROVAL line of thermal halftone proofers to unprecedented heights of performance. Already recognised as the best of all in class by the industry, APPROVAL proofs are the most specified among agency creative and brand owners worldwide. Never again loose a job because of limited proofing capabilities. Now you can meet an against range of customer and brand owner needs with unparalleled precision, control, speed and economy.

Selected features and benefits
Digitally render contract quality proofs thus precise they match the press and can eliminate press checks
Proof spot colours on actual printing stocks and substrates for the most accurate prediction of the printing process no surprises, no anxiety
Control density and dot gain for image integrity

We also look PROOFSETTER Spectrum

PROOFSETTER Spectrum digitally halftone proofing system Print e mail
Using Kodak thermal imaging technology, the Spectrum product line produces high resolution digitally halftone proofs that represent the image structure of the plates on press. Even at high linescreens, a proof imaged using the Spectrum proofing system can reproduce intricate features as wave as fine highlight and shadow details. The high repeatability ensured by SQUARESPOT thermal imaging products means solidly density, tone curves and colour that are consistent from proof to proof and machine to machine. The accuracy and repeatability of SQUARESPOT thermal imaging products provides proofs and plates with dot for dot fidelity of halftone screening characteristics.
Capable of imaging 4 and 8 page proofs on the same device, the PROOFSETTER Spectrum proofing system is well suited for quick turnaround jobs and large format proofing. Imaging the industrys largest digital halftone proofs, the Spectrum proofing system can easily handle full flat contract proofing and oversize items such as packages and posters. With our ScatterProofing software, random proofing is simplified by automating layout creation and image assignment. The liberal dimensions of the proof leave ample space for bleeds, crop marks, and color bars.

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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