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DIN Taschenbuch 367 â?? Normen für die Druck und Medienindustrie

ID 1606
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Short description DIN Taschenbuch 367 â?? Normen für die Druck und Medienindustrie
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Manufacturer BVDM
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
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Long description DIN paperback 367 – norms of the pressure industry and media industry

CD ROM, single place licence, Windows (Mac with restriction), 680 sides (German Institute for Standardization A4), in 2005
Many users have waited for it in the pressure industry and media industry long: The German Institute for Standardization paperback presented on CD ROM 367 „norms of the pressure industry and media industry“ delivers – in each case in original text version – more than 70 norms topically to be applied or norm draughts. Of it are approx. 60 German Institute for Standardization or dinar / ISO norms (in German) and 12 ISO norms (into English language). Under it the ISO only appeared in November, 2004 12647 2 which basis of the process standard offset printing is. The CD ROM offers the possibility to acquire a nearly complete collection of topical norms of the pressure technology and media technology comparatively very reasonably. Acquired as single norms, one must already use for two or three norms so much, as for the whole CD ROM. The norms are investigateable (PDF) and can be printed out. The norms treat concepts (12 norms), measuring technology (11), pressure preliminary stage (18), pressure processes (8), printing inks (9) as well as printing papers and formats (15). Besides, it is, for example, about colour metrics, printing method, norm valence systems, type sizes, standard data formats (PDF / X), colour and transparency of the scale printing inks for the four colour process, terms of delivery etc. the document collection (PDF file) is directed at user of all sections of the pressure industry and media industry.

Weight ---
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Location Germany
Region NRW

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