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Just Color Control Professional Normlichtanlage

ID 2234
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Short description Just Color Control Professional Normlichtanlage
Price (in €) on request

Manufacturer Just Normlicht
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description Precisely Color Control professional norm lighting system

Not new

consisting of:
• Color test light from aluminium with 4 sources of light a 36 W,
• Mass: B, H, T:126 / 15/79,5
• Kind. No.: 024695
• Ser. No.: 35 97
the asymmetrical PRECISELY colour test light is the ideal solution to the Farbabmusterung. The extremely asymmetrical light steering system avoids annoying reflexions on the consideration surface. Asymmetrical colour test lights are used ideally in connection with sloping tuning writing desks what here

Precisely norm light from aluminium with solar screen, 2 sources of light a 12 W, infinitely variable adjustably by electronic dimmer and electronic preswitch devices, i.e. immediately start, ocular carefully, cilium and flackerfrei.und
variably adjustable in the levels.
• Kind. No.: 005090
• Ser. No.: 10 97

Precisely cupboard from steel with 3 drawers and cupboard for the Aufbewarung of consumption material. the vote writing desk is ordered at an angle to avoid stärende reflexions!

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) 127 x 120 x 228

Location Germany
Region NRW

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