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mega Normlicht 98 table standard light

ID 2270
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Short description mega Normlicht 98 table standard light
Price (in €) on request

Manufacturer Just Normlicht
Model ---
Year of manufacture 2000
Warranty until keine / Nicht-Neu Verkauf

Long description Tabletop standard illuminant unit, Meganormlicht Just

Not New

This product will be delivered with new lighttubes

Number of built in lighttubes: 3

Tabletop device (DxBxH): 42x67x68 cm

Bearing surface: 31x45,5cm

Power supply: 230V/50A

ID: 17192600

Function OK

YOM: 1998

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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