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Seal 80 Pro Laminator 2030mm 80" 2 Meter

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Short description Seal 80 Pro Laminator 2030mm 80" 2 Meter
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Manufacturer Seal
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description Seal 80 Pro Laminator 2030mm 80 "2 meter

The SEAL 80 Pro Laminator, an evolution of the
SEAL 62 Pro laminator can raise up to 2 meters wide prints,
shrink wrap and laminate. The 80 Pro with adjustable temperature,
Speed ​​and pressure setting is for experienced users
thought, who want a highly versatile laminator.
The SEAL 80 Pro, a wider range of
Media process and operates at high
Speeds. This makes this machine ideal
for companies that provide additional production capacity
build and achieve a higher flexibility
want. The laminator can print with a width
raise up to 2,000 mm laminate, and
and encapsulating is thus a rich assortment Seal
of laminating films, foils and adhesive
Carrier materials suitable.
The 80 Pro is distinguished by its unique
constructive elements of, inter alia, that on a
swing arm mounted ergonomic,
touch sensitive panel, and the
Redesign of the feed table with clamping shaft
and flip down image guide for
uniform and optimal feed material
and the output slitters for cutting
of the products. These new features enhance the
Performance and versatility of the laminator without the
Ease limit.
The 80 Pro is ideal for producing a wide variety

Printmount wide (double sided adhesive), Wide Print Shield Gloss (laminate surface) and
Print Shield Matte Wide (Laminate).
Features of the Image 80 S
Easy to use
Touch pad control panel with an independent control for
Speed, temperature, pressure and thickness.
High release silicone rollers for constant
production and ease of cleaning.
7 segment LED setting indicators.
Arm with the control panel to work on the front and
Rear of the machine.
Drop in Auto grip shafts for easier insertion of the
Materials and lateral positioning of the rollers.
Simple film tension adjustment with auto grip shafts.
Automatic winding edges for clean edges on
Automatic Upper Aufwicklungsachse retraction
Tilting table for easy material loading template.
Unwinding plots for the role by default.
Optional: Roll to Roll Rewind
Optimal Performance: Manual temperature setting from 0 120 ° C.
Microprocessor controller for constant temperature
Safety: Foot switch for hands free operation
Comprehensive safety system with emergency stop and
self testing optical safety device.
CE certified.
Other features: Sturdy stand alone design with castors and
Compensation feet.
Quieter, mechanical operation
Links: Touch pad control panel with an independent control for
Speed, temperature, pressure and thickness.
Middle: drop in Auto grip shafts for easy loading and
Positioning of the rollers.
Right: Automatic winding edge for clean edge at
Technical data of the 80 S image:
Max working width: 2030mm (80 ")
Heated Max Width: 2030mm (80 ")
Max speed: 5 m / min (16.3 ft / min)
Maximum inlet height: 30mm (1 1/2 ")
Max roll temperature: 120 ° C (250 ° F)
Dimensions: Width: 2700mm (107 ")
Depth: 580mm (23 ") without the input table
810mm (32 ") with input table
Height: 1300mm (51 ") without control panel
1660mm (65.5 ") with controller
Net weight: 602 kg (1327 lbs)
Shipping Weight / Dimensions 670 kg Height / width / length 1500mm/950mm/2850mm
Power supply: 380 V 16 amp CEE
Max power consumption: 6250 watts

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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