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IPC B with passive backplane or ATX board

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Short description IPC B with passive backplane or ATX board
Price (in €) on request

Manufacturer unknown
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
Warranty until ---

Long description IPC B with passive baking tarpaulin or ATX Board

The disk drives are behind a spritzwassergeschützten door.
Front if requested completely IP 54.
The robust map low holders friendly to assembly can be put to every height without exerting feather pressure on the map.
The disk drives sit on Shockmounts and are decoupled mechanically absolutely by the case. About a HF poetry the flat contact is guaranteed, nevertheless (EMV, CE).
To the EMV security extensive measures were taken, e.g., beryllium feathers and HF poetry. The IPC B is thereby particularly suited for measuring technology and electromagnetically bleastete surroundings.
The overpressure airing provides by one of filter mat outside changeable without tools for dust freedom in the case.
Customised creation and dimensions possibly.
Maggot in Germany

IPC B with Motherboard
The industrial PC with ATX Board is suited very well for basic uses in the visualisation everywhere where an inexpensive solution is asked.
Suitably for industry:
So that the calculator also runs under hard conditions reliably:
if we use only the high class components which have often proved themselves, e.g., gigabyte or ASUS Motherboards.
if 19" case is so laid out together with other hardware components that the PC resists pushes, vibrations temperature variations, dust and humidity.
On inquiry Motherboardsysteme with up to 6 slots ISA with 3 year guarantee of delivery

IPC B with passive baking tarpaulin
The solution of the industry for "high performance" uses with high slot need.
Slots full
Passive baking tarpaulin the adaptable solution for up to 14 slots and the most different slots of ISA, PCI, PICMG to PISA. Also several up to four complete calculators can be accommodated with baking tarpaulin solutions in a normal case.
Control duties
By the integrated Watchdog onboard the IPCs with baking tarpaulin are also suitable for complicated control duties.
Robustly and friendly to servicing
Baking tarpaulin solutions are also well applicable at higher temperatures. Other advantage: The servicing becomes possibly easy so light by the light interchangeability of the CPU map (as any other Einsteckkarte).
In the long term
The Lieferbarkeit can be guaranteed about a longer Zewitraum than in Standarf Motherboard solutions. Today the Preiswentwicklung makes the baking tarpaulin for a wide range of application economic.
Slot CPU
Baking tarpaulin
Free slots: max. 13x PCI or 13x ISAVerwendbarkeit depending on the technical equipment, speak please you with our advisers
Individual technical equipment if requested

Technical data:
Mass: 4 HEY, 370 or 430 mm depth
Weight: 14 kg
an easy assembly of the Motherboard / of the passive baking tarpaulin
Installation possibility for 2x 5.25" and 2x 3.5" (optionally 3x 3.5") disk drives
Disk drives on Shockmounts
lockable, hose watertight front door with more used Perspex disc (smoked glass)
Overpressure in the case by a highly competitive popes fan which draws statute labour sided fresh air, thereby dust protected interior by a replaceable filter mat
Disk drives IP 54, optionally front side completely prepunched plug record at the back for additional Sub D plug
optionally temperature regulated fan
high quality steel tin case, front record and door powder coatedly RAL 9006, other colours on inquiry
Net part 300 watt 100 240 VAC, optionally redundant or DC
OEM version on inquiry
In addition, we offer as a variation an extendable 19” to case, as well as a table case in more proven tci quality. By carefully put together packages or individual configurations you also receive here a tci system of your specific use

Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) ---

Location Germany
Region NRW

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